App Development Melbourne: Our Services

Are you looking for an easy solution to build your dream app?

Do you have a great concept but not sure where to start?

We are here to help. Our focus is to take the stress away so you can focus on your product!

We have a team of experienced professionals that will walk you through and support you through every step of the analysis, design and development process.

No stress. Professional app development without the fuss.

Our aim is to get the best value for our clients.

At KproApps, we know what you’re going through after being established for 9 years in the mobile app development industry.

We pride ourselves on our good ethics and agile practices.

We have over 10 000 followers on Facebook and 4.8 out of 5 on google reviews.

We are not happy unless our clients are happy.

We build, fix and complete apps to get them onto the App Store and your business up and running.

Currently we are based in Narre Warren North Melbourne.We provide mobile app development services globally and

Some of our specialties include:

Fixing/Repairing, and creating well-built mobile applications that can connect to strong backend systems written in PHP/Ruby on Rails to connect with iOT(Internet Of Things).
We resolve complex situations every day, with our highly experienced team of developers within Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa, we will walk with you through every step.

We develop and connect PHP API's(ANZ, Stripe, Mobile App Push Notifications) for some of the most influential companies in Australia and around the world: GDevelopments, Camerons Transport(Coles), British Petroleum (BP), Tennis Australia, Arthur Galan, Tony Bianco, Bet365, Swisse Vitamin Company, Insurance
Companies(Budget), Car Sales Companies, and many more.

Why choose us?
- The developers that will be working on your projects also work for fortune 500 companies
- Big company benefits of support and stability with small company pricing
- We accommodate our clients, not the other way around.
- You can always see the progress of your software in real-time any time of the day
- We have 2 ways to build a project, "Managed" and "Unmanaged", managed we will support the entire project for the duration, unmanaged, a more cost effective way, we will provide all tools needed to get your project completed.
- Our cost savings on average according to competitor prices is approximately half.
- We offer support when it comes to bugs and will fix the issue free of charge if it caused by us.


Our team has almost 10 years professional mobile only app development experiences.

We have written apps with over 100 000 uses a year in Australia for Coles, 10 000 taxi tablets run our software in Jakata, Singapore, and the Philippines, 7000 uses in 1 weekend at Tennis Australia and provide housing companies with customer loyalty apps on the Australian gold coast.
We also offer easy to pay instalments, making software finally affordable.

How are we different?

When you hire one of our developers like all companies a developer allocates time, how ever their time is special because the developer depending on rank as a day job may be working for ANZ or for NAB.

Their time is divided between projects in the day however the time you buy will be undivided.

That means for a low price you are getting the very best the market can offer with the reassurance that if something goes wrong KproApps can handle putting an equally skilled programmer on the project.

Our project managers are actually programmers, yes really, giving you the reassurance your priceless program is being managed by competent developers themselves with years of experience, and large-scale project management skills.
With the aid of test-driven development(TDD) and behaviour-driven development(BDD), we make sure our products are of the finest quality.