Coronavirus Solution

Posted on: 2020-03-29 19:16:05

The coronavirus needs a solution and this is how we resolve it world wide.

We need innovation, and we need it now.

Every little bit of suggestions and input should be welcomed in beating this virus.

The issue is that the virus moves before it is detected visually.

We need real time tracking of who has it and who does not accompanied with vigorous testing.

The app has been written on mobile to track who has the virus and who does not in real time, with mapping location, up to the millisecond. This would allow with the endorsement from the government to facilitate gathering people who need to be quarantine.


- The app would be cost effective.
- Effective.
- Easy to use for all.
- Save thousands of lives.
- Flexible.
- Accessible to police and other admin needs.
- Safe to use.

The app also has proximity sensing to allow people know where the infected areas(hot spots) are.

This would work for the flu virus too.

In China they developed a similar system where they scanned qr codes and this helped detect the movement of the virus.

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