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Hydrofoil Boats China

Check out how amazing this hydrofoil video is. The water plays no part in drag on the ship because the ship is above the water. Hydrofoil Video

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Tesla provides ventilators to brooklyn Hospital

Elon Musk is donating ventilators as a contribution to the coronavirus pandemic to help those in need.

Not only is Elon Musk a successful entrepreneur he has compassion for the community and putting additional resources toward the synergistic fight.

Check out the following article for a picture.

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Coronavirus Solution

The coronavirus needs a solution and this is how we resolve it world wide.

We need innovation, and we need it now.

Every little bit of suggestions and input should be welcomed in beating this virus.

The issue is that the virus moves before it is detected visually.

We need real time…

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Mobile laptop

Every one wants a laptop and a phone but they ideally want one that can do both.

A phone with a projector onto a small pull out screen would be able to do both and there would be no need for both devices.

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Royal Childrens Donation System

If you guy online or within store you should be able to donate 50cents to Royal Childrens Hospital in shops like David Jones and Myer, whether it is through an app or within the store

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Smart Power Measuring Sockets

Imagine having a wall socket that is capable to measure power consumption of electrical home appliances.

The Smart wall socket will be using IOT to continually update its users about the power usage of an appliance.

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