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The truth about ventilators in coronavirus crisis

3/22 = 14% of ventilated patients survived. from a study in Wuhan according to this link :

That is a scary statistic

Time period to be on a ventilator?A few hours or days, but experts say COVID-19 patients often remain on the ventilators for 10 days or more.

Ventilators are often a last resort for…

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Is Coronavirus airborne or not?

There are many conflicting studies out there but in summary there was a study that took particles from inside a room of patients and out of the 22, 6 had corona virus positive airbounre particles.

No need to take the risk and better not chance this. Even if the particles are droplet size, droplets can be 5 micrometres in…

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Australians have come together to make an effort to create medical supplies for hospitals

Follow the link to help our with your skills :

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Coronavirus Testing

There is a quite a bit of conflicting information online as far as what testing is available.

Australia was supposed to get 500 000 testing kits this week but has not heard anything further. Link here

Trump has released a 5 minute test machine, not sure ow long it will take to circulate to all relevant hospitals…

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How to system stay safe in Covid19 crisis

1. Stay at home
2. Wear a mask
3. Do not touch anything some one else has touched without sanitising the item and then washing your hands after.
4. Wash your hands before food, and on return home from an outdoor trip.
5. Sanitize door knobs around the house twice a week
6. Use skype of all calls to other…

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Where are we currently with Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

After some extensive browsing youtube I came across this smart youtube video and related data.

The youtube video explains how a graph gives a better explanation if we are winning the fight in against coronavirus in each given country

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University :…

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Victoria Australia in stage 3 coronavirus shutdown

Key points :
Current infections in Victoria: 821
Skate parks, outdoor gyms and playgrounds are closed under this stage of the shutdown.
No more than 2 people in public and allowed to visit to houses
Duration: 4 weeks

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