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Aeroplanes Emergency Procedures

Ideally there should be a back up system to if a plane is careering toward the earth with no means of recovery.

Like a parachute, for the entire plane or perhaps the plane breaks into multiple smaller divisions with smaller parachutes.These are suggestions.

Surely passengers would rather travel for an extra $5 a trip on an airline with…

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A override button for the recirculation of air in the car

Old cars used to have just a recirculation button or not in them, however over time some one decided it would be a good idea to make it switch off randomly.
Probably to allow fresh air into the car or for some reason.
What ends up happening is that you forget and then when you are behind another car you…

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Humidity Sensor On Clothes Drying Machine credit Sana Hosseini

There is a need to have a humidity sensor on a drying machine that when the dryer comes to the selected(Including selector) stops the drying from continuing.

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First Post To Get This Rolling

Switch iOT fast switches with mobile app

We all know about iOT items however why not have switches that fit on existing wall plugs that turn them on and off?

Fits straight on, looks nice and doesn't require you needing to replace the fitting.

Even if we could do it within the fitting that would be ingenious

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